Obesity is Bad for Teacup Pigs

Obesity is Bad for Teacup PigsBefore getting any pet for your home, you should do primary research for it to make sure that it is fit for you in all the aspects. Teacup piglets make right pets for the people looking for tiny loving creatures and it is feasible for you to find a lot of information about them on web or through local traders.

Pigs should be fed very carefully. The reason is that the general trend of any kind of pig is to eat whatever comes their way. People make the mistake of feeding their pig too much, which makes them obese and inactive. You can’t use your own judgment to know when your pig is hungry. If the animal is getting too much weight in a time period, you can cut short their feed and monitor them very carefully. Don’t give them cat or dog food as they are different than the requirements of a pig. These foods are highly rich in calories and proteins and it won’t be too good for a pig to consume such food.

Your pet should also be kept away from the foods containing too much sugar in any form as they can get obese with such food. The risk for getting obese becomes higher with incorrect food habits. They can get neuro or physical deformities, which can put them in high risk category. Obesity affects legs and in worst cases, affects the eyes of the animal. In the similar way, underfeeding the animal is also not preferable. Your piglet should have muscular body, but there should be a gap between getting obese and healthy.

Teacup pigs are very intelligent and you have to act more smartly with them to match up their intelligence level. You should consistently take up their feed in take to avoid any kind of issues for their health. There should be formulated mini-pig food, vegetables, fruits and healthy grazing included for the animal for their well being.